What people say


‘Catherine has a very good understanding of the demands on horses in different disciplines and how best to deal with physical problems. She will always look outside the box using her very broad and sound knowledge to correct their issues, her passion always shines through!’

Helen Goddard-Watts


“Throughout the course of Cranial Sacral treatments My TB mare displayed some interesting responses and some improvement in her way of going in ridden work towards the end of the treatments, most noticeably less tension in the poll area. She also showed some obvious signs of  releasing emotional issues. Catherine was very professional in her approach and remained calm and ‘unphased’ when Star had some quite violent responses! I think as Catherine was so grounded and allowed Star to process her emotions she was able to work through them.
As an Equine Therapist myself I appreciated being able to talk to another therapist who not only had empathy with the horses she is working with but also a deep understanding of the anatomical structures and systems the therapy is potentially affecting.”

Laura Blishen, Insructor and Equine Therapist


“Before coming across Cath my mare was not really connected behind and  a bit stiff. I had been a little bit skeptical about these types of  treatments having never seen them in action, but thought it had to be worth a go. After only two sessions I had a completely different  horse, well connected behind and going happily in an outline. I am so chuffed with Cath and totally convinced by the results.

Nick Chambers


“Catherine is an amazing person who is extremely confident around the horses. With horses, your approach means everything. It settles them, and Catherine has that way. I have known her for 7 years and she would treat my horses while she was learning. Even then, my horse really improved. Now she is more experienced, my horse is a different animal. Catherine has a font of knowledge and her skills are fantastic, second nature almost. She is able to anticipate problems early on in their cycle. Nothing phases her and she is able to handle even fantastically difficult horses. She is a real horsewoman for whom nothing is too much trouble. She is reliable, punctual, good at communicating and you know you are not going to be let down.”

Chris Sparrowhawk


“I got in touch with Catherine to see if she could help with my 3 year old. He had been a driving horse and exhibited shuddering and pain in his neck when on the long reins. I’m not sure if he was actually in pain or just had a memory of pain. I tried Equine Touch with no effect. Catherine was able to rebalance, relax and settle him such that he stopped the shuddering after just one treatment. Catherine is lovely, very approachable and helpful with a range of other areas such as saddle fitting. She was also very confident with my youngster who had intimidated a lot of other people. He behaved beautifully with her. “

Nathalie Baker


“Cath was recommended to me when my ex-race horse went wrong behind. He had had lots of old injuries and niggles and with a couple of treatments Cath was able to bring him back to soundness. His pelvis had become twisted. The treatments really helped loosen him up. While she was there, she also had a look at my other horse, also an ex-racer, who hated being touched behind the ears or having his bridle put on. He is quite tempramental and many people would just loose their rag with such a horse. Catherine was very patient, let him have his say and then was able to get behind his ears and release the tension he had there, and I can now touch his head and put his bridle on without problems.”

Alison Conroy


“Having broken down quite badly in one front leg, my ex-race horse go on to win at the Dorset County Show after a few treatments with Cath. Cath is fantastic with horses, gets them so relaxed, and is approachable and conscientious. I will be using her for the rest of my horse’s life.”

Adele Follet


“Cath was able to a tremendous difference to my yearling, which had a problem that no-one had experienced before, a resting heart rate of 95. Neither veterinary treatment nor other therapies had made a lasting difference. I eventually contacted Cath because I had read about cranio sacral therapy and wanted to see if that could help. After three treatments, and a tremendous amount of research by Cath, the heart rate was significantly lower and there was also an improvement in her whole physique and movement. Cath really bridges the gap between the different therapies out there and has benefited all of the horses I have asked her to look at.”

Nikki Stephens, Burcott Riding Centre